The Hell Knight is a demonic enemy returning to Doom Eternal. Its appearance is quite different from its 2016 counterpart. It has a cybernetic variation called the Dread Knight.

Physical Appearance

Hell Knight 9

Facial comparison between the Hell Knight of Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.

The Hell Knight's design in Eternal seems to be a combination between the Doom 3 version of the enemy, and the 2016 version, which in itself was based on the Doom 3 version. It possesses the eye pits and wider head shape of the Doom 3 rendition, while keeping the 2016 variant's toned body.

Unique to this take are the beady white eyes present in the pits on its head, and an overall colder colour scheme than the 2016 version, featuring a predominantly snow-white body accented by purple patches, presumably where the skin is less armored.

Their bones are deep yellow as shown by their teeth as well as bones exposed during combat.

Combat Characteristics

The Hell Knight behaves much in the same manner as it did in the 2016 game, albeit they are a great deal faster and even more aggressive. That said, they are still relegated entirely to melee combat, so a player who is always on their toes can deal with them with relative ease. The Hell Knight is most dangerous in situations that require players to slow down and focus a larger target, as the Knights can close distance very quickly. They are fairly sturdy, taking a decent chunk of punishment before staggering, which can be both a pain and a godsend depending on the situation. If the goal is to dispatch them quickly, they are best dealth with via heavier weapons, such as the Super Shotgun, Balista, and Chaingun, which can take them out in relatively few shots. Most weapons are capable of making them flinch when sustained fire is held against them long enough, which can be great if a player needs to increase distance while reserving the Knight for a Glory Kill. The Hell Knight is a Heavy Class Demon and requires a full fuel supply to be killed with the Chainsaw, and can be killed with a single cleave of the Crucible or a single shot from the BFG. The Unmakyr staggers the demon within seconds of sustained fire, and outright kills it not long after.


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