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From left to right, the Berserk Hunter, the Helltime Hunter and the Invulnerability Hunter.

The Hell Hunters are creatures resembling Hell Knights sent from Hell (by the Maledict) to track down the Artifact and the human who wields it. There are three different Hell Hunters: the Helltime Hunter (able to move quickly as if it could slow down time, which does happen when the player wields the artifact after killing it), the Berserk Hunter (able to deal significant damage by attacking the player with melee attacks), and the Invulnerability Hunter (which can become invulnerable by feeding on the generators in the room it is battled in), who are fought separately throughout the game. When one is killed, the Artifact becomes stronger, appearing as if the Hell Hunter's power is absorbed into the Artifact.

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Related achievements[]

  • Gimme Time! - Defeat the Helltime Hunter
  • Gimme Power! - Defeat the Berserk Hunter
  • Shocking! - Defeat the Invulnerability Hunter