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Hell Essence, or simply known by Demonkind as the Essence or Hell Energy, is a volatile and corruptible aura or force native to the planes of Hell. It is made from the tortured souls of mortals, either those whom were evil, corrupt, or tainted by sin, or from innocent souls whose worlds were conquered and dragged into Hell itself. Once the soul had been harvested, the husks of Hell's victims would undergo transformation into demons.

The legions of Hell seem to be able to eat or drink this malignant quintessence, making themselves far more powerful and enacting postmortem reanimation. But they only need such a minuscule amount of which that most amongst the horde often let the rest go to waste. Said essence is also used in the fabrication of Buff totems and Gore nests and is the very source of power which fuels the preternatural abilities of a great many demonic legions.

Mutilated flesh and corrupted environs can act as useful conduits which such a dark force can be channeled through for the purpose of extra-dimensional excursion. The Essence would later be conjugated to Sentinel Energy to create the vastly more potent Argent Energy by the Maykr race down the line.