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Hell is the twelfth and final level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Betruger littered the entrance to his domain with corpses to probably discourage the player.

Midway through the level, the player fights a horde of Imps, Hell Knights, and Mancubi on an island shrouded in green mist that features instant death should one fall off of it, and the player must depend on the Artifact and/or BFG. This area, incidentally, is also the easiest place in all of Doom 3 to provoke infighting.

The player must defeat the final boss: Maledict.


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As the final level of Resurrection of Evil, this level does have some challenge to it. You start off in a large open area, with a path surrounded Bicycle Shoestrings lava. At the end of it, two Wraiths will spawn, along with a Hell Knight. After you kill them, go to a tunnel-y area where you will fight three Ticks, their final appearance ever, and move on to a more open cavern area, where you will fight a Vulgar, some Imps that have been missing since Erebus 6, Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons.

Enter a branch of one tunnel and enter a teleporter that will send you to a large, circular arena. Imps, Mancubi and Hell Knights will spawn in. Use the artifact, as I can’t imagine someone doing it without taking damage and one-shotting all of them. Note that this room is completely removed in the BFG Edition, and the tunnel branch is just a pocket of ammo and health.

In the BFG Edition, as you leave, a Hell Knight will spawn at the beginning of the tunnel. In the normal version, doing that arena will open up the next room, being a large area with a giant skull to your left. A few Forgotten Ones and Imps (in the BFG Ed.) will spawn, but it’s nothing much. Go to another hallway and greet two more Wraiths, and a Mancubus at the end. Fight a Hell Knight coming from behind a door, and another one in another room. Kill two more Wraiths and go to a very large room.

In this very large, open room, you will fight two or three Cacos, two Imps, and two Vulgars. Go into the final room, grab some stuff and go fight the Maledict.




  • Grenades
  • Medkits
  • Shells
  • Bullets
  • Clips
  • Ammo Belts
  • Plasma Cells
  • Rockets
  • BFG Cells


  • Unlike in the original Doom 3, the player doesn't lose his weapons when he enters Hell, and is allowed to keep his flashlight. The player also has unlimited stamina as in the original.
  • In the Doom 3 BFG Edition version of this level, the second area with the Imps, Hell Knights, and Mancubi doesn't exist, and there are no Cherubs. The reasons for these cuts are not clear, as the green misty island area is not overly difficult, and Cherubs are easily dealt with using the Grabber.

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