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Hells Maw

The intermission screen with a visual presentation of all the Hell's Maw levels.

For information on the level "Hell's Maw", please see E1M8: Hell's Maw.

Hell's Maw is the second episode of Heretic. After destroying the Iron Liches in the City of the Damned, Corvus enters a lava cave where he discovers a portal into another dimension. Passing through, he finds himself in a hellish world, a staging ground for D'Sparil's minions, inhabited by even more evil creatures, such as the Weredragons and Sabreclaws, and new weapons such as the Hellstaff, Phoenix Rod and Firemace.

Level themes include lava/fire and ice, with some levels using a combination of both. There are numerous cavern- or temple-like areas. Overall, this is the episode with the highest usage of damage floors. The intermission screen depicts the gameplay of this episode akin to travelling down the side of a volcano.

Sky Color: Red