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The Helix Stone is a powerful demonic artifact featured in Doom (2016). It is a large stone etched with a symbol associated with the armor of the Doom Slayer and Night Sentinels.

Doom (2016)

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

The Helix Stone was discovered by the UAC from their excursion into Hell. From it they learned how to manipulate Hell's energies and take advantage of its resources, Argent Energy. The artifact also led the UAC to learn about the Doom Slayer and how to harness the power of the Well.

Dr. Samuel Hayden stated that only few had seen the stone. Hayden also introduced the Helix Stone to Olivia Pierce to convince her to join the UAC and conduct her research into Hell on Mars, and directly led to Pierce's obsession with Hell and her pact with their Dark Lord. Pierce kept the Helix Stone in her private office in the Lazarus Labs for years.

After Pierce allowed demons to invade the Mars facility and opening a portal to Hell, Hayden informed the Slayer about the Helix Stone and helping him to use its information to close the portal. Upon the Slayer touching the stone, he was granted a vision of the Crucible that will allow him to close the portal's power source.