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The Harvester is a multiplayer exclusive demon that appeared in the first multiplayer pack of Doom (2016), Unto the Evil.


The Harvester appears similar to that of the Summoner. It has a blue & red skin tone and a large yellow rune in the center of its chest. Its skull is shaped similar to a Hell Knight, albeit with a large yellow eye and two large orange horns.

Combat Characteristics[]

The Harvester has a 'beam attack' that, whilst damaging enemies, allows the Harvester to absorb their life force. However, this beam does have a limited range. The more health/armor an enemy has, the more life force the Harvester will gain. The Harvester's 'detonation attack' is charged by absorbing this life force, and when unleashed, fires several large plasma shots similar to BFG shots, but without the damaging rays.

Tactical Analysis[]

When fighting against a Harvester, long range attacks are recommended as its beam attack has a limited range.


The Harvester is a minor demon lord of the infernal legion. Harvesters are a rare sight in Hell, as they are usually serving in the heavily fortified forts and keeps.

This demon has an insatiable hunger for human souls and is constantly looking to feed. Unlike most demons, the harvester has a peculiar digestive tract. It sucks in human souls through orifices located on its palms, with esophageal tubes running along its arms that lead into a stomach on its back. This sack expands to accommodate the large number of souls that the Harvester feeds on.

Harvesters are among the more dangerous demonic entities, as they have the ability to convert these ingested souls into volatile Hell energy. They release this energy through valves that wrap around their torsos, causing dreadful explosions that decimate anyone or anything that happens to be in the direct vicinity.