Hammer of Retribution

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The player fighting several Dark Bishops in Heresiarch's Seminary with the Hammer of Retribution.

The Hammer of Retribution is a weapon from Hexen, the Fighter's third weapon. It is a large, heavy warhammer from which magical flaming hammers can be thrown when supplied with Green Mana, yet the real hammer never leaves the fighter's hand. The projectiles are very powerful, and will explode on contact with objects, damaging all monsters within a short radius. This splash damage does not harm the player, however.

At close range, the weapon will not fire a projectile and will simply strike enemies without using mana. The hammer does less damage when used as a melee weapon compared to its projectile. This melee damage is slightly less than a mana-powered Timon's Axe (although the hammer's melee damage is more than if the Axe has no mana as well). Regardless, the hammer's melee attack can be used to save mana when attacking weak enemies, or against Centaurs to avoid the effect of their projectile-reflecting shields, without needing to switch to a different weapon.

The projectile attack uses three units of green mana per shot. The weapon can still be used if the player runs out of Green Mana, but only as a melee weapon, as it will not fire a projectile.

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