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H2H Christmas (also called H2H-Xmas) is a Christmas-themed megawad for Doom II which comprises of highly creative Christmas decoration graphics and Christmas music in MIDI. H2H Christmas was included in the list of the top ten 1995 WADs in Doomworld's Top 100 WADs of All Time feature.


  • MAP01: Terminal (by Eric "Geezus" Spry)
  • MAP02: Security (by Eric "Geezus" Spry)
  • MAP03: Hangar (by Eric "Geezus" Spry)
  • MAP04: The Sewers (by Eric "Geezus" Spry)
  • MAP05: More Sewers (by Eric "Geezus" Spry)
  • MAP06: Water Works (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP07: Valve House (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP08: Outskirts (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP09: The High Rise (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP10: City Hall (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP11: Main Mall (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP12: The Court Yard (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP13: Town Square (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP14: Mini Malls (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP15: Urban Jungle (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP16: Santa Co (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP17: Chopping Mall (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP18: Stair Master (by Zack "Zeek" Lawson)
  • MAP19: Round-a-Bout (by Pavel Hodek)
  • MAP20: Hotel Hell (by Zack "Zeek" Lawson)
  • MAP21: Loading Docks (by Scott "Faust" Parish)
  • MAP22: Elf-Town (by David "Lizard" Reid)
  • MAP23: Elf-Town Revisited (by Chris "Bullyboy" Byrns)
  • MAP24: Working Hard (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP25: Santa's Shop (by Eric "Cthulu" Searle)
  • MAP26: Elf's House (by Mike "Arcademan" Wayne)
  • MAP27: Living Sin (by Rhett "DoomMan" Farinholt)
  • MAP28: Main Office (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP29: Main Branch (by Dave Swift)
  • MAP30: The North Pole (by Joe "Sillysoft" Wilcox)
  • MAP31: The Lot (by Zack "Zeek" Lawson)
  • MAP32: Prison (by "Vertigo")

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