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H!ZONE is an expansion pack for Heretic and Hexen that was created by Simply Silly Software and published by WizardWorks Software in 1996. It contains 50 new textures, two new enemies, and over 250 levels in total, including 12 episodes for Heretic with nine levels in each episode; nine of the episodes are designed for single player/co-op, and three of the episodes are designed for deathmatch. These additional episodes replace the third episode, The Dome of D'Sparil.

H!ZONE also includes several utilities, such as Doom-It, Doom/Master, CONV2HEX and various level editors.

The nine single player/co-op episodes are:

  • Northern Dwarven Mines
  • From here to Hell
  • Road to Aragon
  • Worlds of Sin
  • Desperations
  • Dream Worlds
  • Caves and Castles
  • Outworlder Assault (misspelled "Outworlder Assualt" in the H!ZONE episode selection screen)
  • Destiny's Children

The three deathmatch episodes are:

  • 9 Mighty Arenas
  • Best place to Die
  • Fight for your Life

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