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Sergeant Gregory "Duke" Schofield is a member of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad and the main tritagonist of the 2005 film Doom.


Duke is shown to be charismatic and optimistic, though his love for women and video games tend to show a somewhat immature nature. Not much is known about his personal life, other than being childhood friends with Gannon Roark.

He is first seen playing Galaxian 2 on his handheld device. Duke is visibly upset when RRTS leader Sergeant Asher Mahonin announces their leave has been cancelled. When the group arrives at the Olduvai Research Facility on Mars, Duke immediately develops a crush on John Grimm's sister, Dr. Samantha Grimm. Duke is later paired with Mahonin and the two search through the Weapons Research Facility. Duke learns of the Grimm's past from Mahonin, only to clarify that he wanted to know if Samantha was single.

After the group finds Dr. Todd Carmack alive, Duke, along with Samantha and Dr. Jenna Willits, take him to Samantha's laboratory. Duke has a fear of nanowalls, which is evident by his initial refusal to walk through said wall to the lab. Later, when Duke finds a power bone saw for Samantha to use for her autopsy on the Imp that killed Eric Fantom, a mutated Dr. Carmack shows up and attacks him. Duke runs back to the lab and Dr. Carmack is trapped through the nanowall. While Samantha continues her autopsy on the Imp, Duke is the first to notice Goat has been reanimated into a zombie. Duke and Samantha watch as Fantom repeatedly bashes his head on the window until he is dead. Samantha immediately deduces that the Imp that killed Fantom is, in fact, one of the missing scientists, Dr. Steve Willits, much to Duke's disbelief.

A devastated Duke holds Roark's body in his arms after his body and that of Portman's are returned to the lab. Duke and the rest of the RRTS return to Earth after the Hell Knight breaks through the Arc door and kills a vast majority of the employees of the facility. While searching for survivors, Duke finds Marcus Pinzerowski hiding underneath several corpses. After Mahonin murders Mark Dantalian, a horde of zombies show up. Duke is dragged through a sewer drain as Samantha screams in horror. According to the novel, Samantha still wonders whether or not Duke is alive.