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Gothic99 map06

MAP06: The Great Below by Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald

Gothic 99, also known as Gothic98/99, is a highly detailed 8-level deathmatch PWAD for Boom that acted as a sequel to GothicDM and GothicDM 2. At the time, the WAD was infamous for being detailed to the point of being unplayable on some computers.


Two of its levels were released on December 25, 1998 as Gothic 98 on Doomworld without a reference to its authors other than the email address Eric James "Ricrob" Roberts was the first to recognize the level design, music, and graphic design signatures as being the work of Matthew "Mattrim" Dixon, Daniel "The Waffle King" Twomey, and Marc "Fanatic" Pullen.

On December 25, 1999, the two levels were re-released alongside six additional levels as Gothic 99.

In 2003, Gothic 99 was recognized as one of Doomworld's Top 10 Infamous WADs due to its high sector count.



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