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An example of the gothic architecture in GothicDM

GothicDM (it is named Gothic DeathMatches in the accompanying text file but almost always referred to as GothicDM) is a WAD developed for multiplayer deathmatch play. It was released on July 12, 1997. GothicDM was revolutionary at the time of its release due to its focus on appearance. Replacement textures and detailed architecture were used to create levels which have a gothic appearance. This is combined with music done in a gothic style to give a complete gothic style to the WAD.

A sequel to GothicDM, GothicDM 2, was released on May 2, 1998, as well as a later followup, Gothic 99, released on December 25, 1999 (originally released as Gothic 98 on December 25, 1998). The Gothic DeathMatch (II) Graphical Resource PWAD was also released and contained the replacement graphics that were used in GothicDM and GothicDM 2.


Levels for the WAD were made by:

Music for the WAD was written by:

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