Doom gibs

Three enemies being gibbed, plus two gib corpses on the ground

Gibs is short for giblets, or fowl innards. They are the little bits of internal organs, flesh and bone that are left when a player or monster has not only died, but has exploded into body parts. Adrian Carmack is credited with coining the term, and Doom is one of the first games that gibs appeared in.

Only six characters can suffer gib death: the player, Trooper, Sergeant, Chaingunner, Wolfenstein SS, and Imp. A single special death sound, DSSLOP (a squishing sound), is used for all of these.

Gib death occurs when, after a character has been damaged, its health is less than the negative of its spawn health (or original hit points). In other words, the character has suffered, in total, more than twice the damage needed to kill it in the normal fashion, and in some cases if you blasted a group or groups of enemies like the Seargent(Shotgun) and imp, you can blast their inside out bodies far away. For example on level 31 Pharoahs Tomb, I shot a rocket at the Troopers on the pyramid and most of them scattered after that, most cases say its very funny.

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