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George Poota (Identification Number: 4450-86) was in charge of waste management in Sector 3 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. According to Mark Lamia, George was an incompetent employee, as he would regularly miss his work shift and make up excuses. On the unfateful day of the demonic invasion, it seems that Poota actually was in his shift but was slaughtered.

His PDA can be found next to his dead body near Cabinet 047.

PDA Contents[]


Hours of operation (10-28-2145)[]


It has come to my attention yet again, that you did not show up for your shift on Wednesday. This is the fourth time this month that you have missed a shift. I am getting tired of your pathetic excuses. You had two prostate exams last month and I will not fall for that excuse again! Consider yourself on notice, Mr. Poota.

Mark Lamia

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  • In game, George's PDA shows his title of waste management as 'WASTE MANAGMENT'.