"Man, am I ever glad to see you. I thought I was all alone. It's been freakin' spooky lately."
― George Krietman to the Marine [src]

George Krietman (Identification Number: 6903-50) was a research assistant assigned to Sector 1 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He was one of the few UAC personnel to survive the initial demon invasion, although he is somehow oblivious to it. He had a standard PDA.


When the player meets George Krietman in Doom 3, he is startled by the player's sudden appearance, but is grateful to not be alone. He states that the Hydrocon is unstable, and warns the player not to shoot the Hydrocon's glass shields or the whole area could blow. He further states that he'll head to the science office once he's stabilized the Hydrocon. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will reaffirm that he has to stabilize the Hydrocon and get it working safely.


While his fate is unknown, it is most likely that he was killed by demons if he managed to stabilize the Hydrocon and move to the science office - away from his spot where he had survived thus far. That said, as the player moves through the area, their appears to be no indication of the Hydrocon's stabilization, possibly meaning that George was unable to stabilize it, (supported by the fact that he was only a research assistant) and thus never moved from his spot.

PDA contents


Lost PDA (11-13-2145)


I seem to have misplaced my PDA with my security clearance. I was adjusting the oxygen intake on the Hydrocon the other day and recall using it at that time but I can't seem to remember where the heck I put that thing. If you see it around while on your shift could you put it someplace safe for me?
Thank you,

Dr. Harvey


  • It is possible to shoot George and pick up his PDA to read an e-mail about a co-worker who's lost their PDA.
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