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General Hayden is the human military commandant of the UAC space marine garrison in the Doom 3 novels (c. 2144-2145).


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He was a general in the space marines. He was in command of what was less than a United States military unit than a Union Aerospace Corporation private security force.

Personality and traits[]

Hayden had seen his share of battles— or "skirmishes," as the United States government liked to call the never-ending little wars that plagued planet Earth.

He was a man in uniform. His Medals and colorful bars spoke of his experience.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was originally from Texas.
  • In Doom 3, Master Sergeant Kelly is the highest ranking officer on Mars Base (according to backstory for him), there is no evidence of the general.
  • General Hayden was slated to appear as a secondary antagonist in Doom 3[1], but was cut from the game, making Betruger the main antagonist.
  • In the 2016 reboot, Hayden has been reinterpreted as an aged civilian scientist who came down with cancer and converted himself into cyborg going by the name Samuel Hayden, who is the chairman of the UAC and highest command on Mars, who is over 130 years old.
  • Some particular differences include the fact that General Hayden is human in the novels in 2145. Whereas Samuel Hayden was a cyborg by 6 months after Argent Tower was completed circa 2127. The only way for them to possibly co-exist is if General Hayden was a descendant of Samuel Hayden (Considering the possibly that all Mainline Doom games are in the same universe) However, the histories of UAC in both universes do not match up at all further supporting they are separate universes (though Doom Slayer may have visited at least two Earth universes).
  • General Hayden was merely a subordinate of Ian Kelliher, and his father Thomas Kelliher. Though he represented the United States Military's interest in Mars.
  • In the novels General Hayden is one of the only survivors rescued by Kane.
  • It is possible he may have had more important part in the unreleased third novel.
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