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Gauntlets of the Necromancer, both in a secret area on Heretic E1M2 and being demonstrated by the player.

The Gauntlets of the Necromancer are a weapon from Heretic. They are a pair of spiked gauntlets that, when active, emit short-range arcs of harmful magical energy that damages enemies for 2-16 damage every 4 tics and drags the player toward them. They neither use nor require any form of ammunition, so they are always usable after being collected. These characteristics make the Gauntlets Heretic's analog of Doom's Chainsaw.

When a Tome of Power is active, the Gauntlets have a red aura, increased attack range, and the ability to drain health from the target (equal to half damage dealt, rounded down) and transfer it to the player.

This weapon is always effective on ghosts.


The Gauntlets work well on enemies that move and attack more slowly, such as the Undead Warrior, the Disciple of D'Sparil and the Ophidian. The Gauntlets are most effective against monsters if the player keeps walking slowly back while attacking the target monster. This way the monster needs to chase the player instead of the player having to face the monster up close, giving the player a bit of range. This strategy works best on Gargoyles and solitary Golems, except the player needs to aim directly at the Golem to avoid getting punched in a possible tic where the Gauntlets "miss".

Without the Tome of Power, the Gauntlets are not a good weapon to use against Sabreclaws, because the Sabreclaw has a low pain chance and as such is is still able to slice up the player even while it is being shocked, usually several times. The Staff is a much better and safer choice.

With a Tome of Power, the Gauntlets become much more flexible, to the point where they can be used to take out a lone Maulotaur. The gauntlets' life drain heal the player faster than the Maulotaur's hammer strikes can deplete it, and if the Tome is activated just before engaging, its time limit is just barely enough to deplete all of the Maulotaur's health. However, any armor will be shredded in the process.


The idle frame without the Tome of Power is very similar to the idle frame for the Spiked Gauntlets of Baratus, the fighter, in Hexen.


Gauntlets data
Weapon number 1
Damage 2-16
Included ammo Infinite
Shot type Hitscan
Shots per minute 525.0 shocks
Sound GTNACT (when selected)
GNTUSE (idling)
GNTFUL (firing)
GNTHIT (regular hit)
GNTPOW (powered hit)
Appears in Heretic
Thing type 2005 (decimal), 7D5 (hex)
Radius 20
Sprite WGNT (before pickup)
GAUN (wielded)
PUF1 (impact)
Class Weapon