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Frost Shards at the ready and on the map.

Frost Shards is the second weapon of the Hexen Mage, and is something of the game's equivalent to the shotgun. It is a spell which uses 3 Blue Mana to launch a wide, cross-shaped spread of magical ice darts which can freeze enemies. If used at very close range, the Mage can touch the enemy with his hand inflicting significantly more damage. If used at medium-close range, not all of the darts will spawn before hitting the enemy, inflicting low damage. Thus, it is ideal to hit enemies either at melee range or medium range. The frost shards also have a very long warm-up time before attacks. All these reasons make the weapon somewhat difficult to use effectively.

Frozen monsters and players will shatter if left alone for a few seconds or attacked; a creative player will use them as cover until then.

Curiously, if the Mage is moving fast enough (i.e. using the Boots of Speed), the ice projectiles may damage the Mage instead of firing outward; essentially he runs into his own projectiles.