Frank A. Cinders (Identification Number: 2334-55) was a private first class assigned to Level 2 of the Delta Labs on Mars. He was one of many security personnel that went through the portal to Hell. He stated that he didn't feel any adverse symptoms or side effects, unlike other personnel.

Frank's PDA can be found next to his dead body in the Delta Operations area, Office D2-15.

PDA Contents

Audio Logs

Status Report

As requested, the following is my initial feedback on my first trip through the portal. Private First Class Frank Cinders, dated October 15th, 2145.

I, uh, hmm. I don't know exactly where to begin. Obviously I survived the first trip and feel no worse for the wear. I... I'm not feeling any of the symptoms reported by the others who have gone in before me but I'm at a point where I'm still trying to process everything. Thankfully, the place looks deserted and devoid of any life but, uh, the flames and heat and... stench of the place. It smells of death, decay and... burnt flesh. Tomorrow, we're going back in with some of the eggheads, um, science division, to start securing forward positions and we expect to start sending out the mapping droids at the same time. I feel I must admit on a personal note that I've got a really bad feeling about this. I don't understand what we're doing there or... or what we hope to prove.

PFC Cinders, signing off.


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your lunch (11-15-2145)

Hey Frank,

You left your lunch on my desk, again. I put it in the storage cabinet, number 112. The combination is 5-3-8. Try to remember to pick it up, last time you forgot it was in there for a week, and that stuff stunk to high heaven. What the hell you got in there? ;)


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