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A frag count rollover on the status bar and the intermission screen may occur if the player accumulates many frags. Additionally, the status bar counter is limited if the player is reduced to a very low negative number of frags by suicides or damaging floor deaths.

The frag counter by the status bar face that appears during deathmatch games may unambiguously account for up to 109 frags, as it registers numbers from 0 to 99 as such and 100 to 109 as 00 to 09. When frags reach 110 the counter shows only 10 frags, and this rollover occurs cyclically for every 100 additional frags. The engine still maintains the full amount of frags internally, so as long as the user remembers how many hundreds of frags the player has accumulated, it is possible to know the current frag score.

The intermission screen shows the same values as the counter. Both the individual and total scores are affected in this way, so if in a four-player game the player were to inflict 150 frags against each of his three opponents, the score against each player would be displayed as 50. The total, representing 450 frags, would also show only a score of 50.

Negative frag values are limited to -9 on the status bar. If the player is reduced to -10 or less frags, -9 is displayed. On the intermission screen greater negative values are shown, but are limited by the rollover (for anything less than -109, which is very unlikely in a game).

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