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Throwing the Frag Grenade.

The Frag Grenade is a handheld explosive weapon that is thrown at the enemy, and is first acquired in the level The UAC. It is an equipment item, and recharges for 40 seconds after use.


The design of this weapon is conventional in nature, though it has been refined to perform at the limit of its ballistic capabilities. The UAC Fragmentation Grenade uses a Comp-D explosive package encased in a steel alloy shell, and has an effective fatality radius of about 5 meters. Improvements on the antiquated M67 grenade include a more reliable chemical fuse mechanism, interior machining of the casing to provide more efficient projectile dispersion and a trigger switch safety clip to prevent unwanted activation. The newer Comp-D explosive also ensures the radial pressure wave has no "drop spots" - ensuring full damage potential within the fatality zone. - Decoded Entry 001.


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