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The Flaming Zombie, or "Bernie" for short, is new to the Doom series as it is the first Doom Zombie literally set on fire. There are various reasons why this type is engulfed in flames, the most common being fire ejected from busted pipework along hallways. What is strange is that during gameplay, it is possible to kill a normal Zombie by luring it through a fiery broken pipe, yet these Zombies seemed to have survived the blaze.


Its appearance is tall with "charcoaled limbs" and it continuously burns until its death. The clothes are tattered and dark, but facial features are still intact. You can hear it moan in pain as it chases after a human. Otherwise, it acts like a normal Zombie.

Combat Analysis

It is better to keep moving if it notices you, backwards if possible. It moves almost as fast as a Morgue Zombie so it is best to defeat it quickly. The worst part of this monster is its health, which is greater than a Fat Zombie. A few shots from a shotgun will destroy it, but using a pistol is somewhat risky.


  • It is possible to kill this Zombie without gibbing it (best done with gib mods), in which case its dead body will remain on fire.

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