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The Flaming Zombie (aka. Bernie) is a class of Zombie in Doom 3. They are essentially charred Zombies engulfed in flames, wearing a bloody, tattered blue maintenance uniform.

The player first encounters this Zombie after revisiting Mars City shortly after the invasion. They also appear in the Hell level of the Lost Mission and in later levels of Resurrection of Evil expansion packs, usually accompanied by the Boney Zombies.

Combat characteristics[]

The Flaming Zombie maintains identical behavior to the other Zombies, rushing towards the player in order to claw them. Unlike its normal brethrens, however, the Flaming Zombie is slightly more mobile, as it can quickly limp towards the player, giving them more opportunity to close in and strike. They also possess much more health than other Zombies, requiring more shots to take them down.

The Flaming Zombie is usually seen hiding within the corner of busted flammable pipes with flame jets shooting out. Despite being engulfed in flames, the Flaming Zombies attack does not appear to do any fire-based damage.

Tactical analysis[]

As quicker speed and higher health are the only significant advantages the Flaming Zombie possesses, it is better to take down this Zombie as quickly as possible, especially when facing them in close quarters. Relying on the Pistol can be risky in this situation. The Shotgun and the Machine Gun fares a lot better to quickly take out a Flaming Zombie before it closes in.


  • It is possible to kill this Zombie without gibbing it (best done with gib mods or by killing it with the pistol), in which case its dead body will remain on fire.
  • Strangely during gameplay, a normal Zombie will die if the player lures it to the fiery broken pipes. This does not explain the case of these Zombies, who somehow survived passing through the blaze.
  • The Flaming Zombie is the only Zombie (aside from their Boney counterparts) that can be found in Hell in the Lost Mission.
  • The Flaming Zombie emits the same moaning and grunting sound as the Sawyer Zombie.

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