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"Balled-up hands that attach to the ends of arms. Useful for bludgeoning."
PDA Description  [src]

Fists are melee attacks already available to the player in Doom 3, modeled after the basic punching attack from the classic iteration.

In many ways, relying on the Fists is much useful than in the classic games, as the player can now punch with both of their hands at a quicker succession instead of one.

For most of the game however, there is almost no functional reason to use them, as the majority of enemies possess such superhuman strength to make physical contact risky. In the category of relying on attacks that does not use ammo, the flashlight does twice the damage per strike, while the Chainsaw can be found later in the game. On a per-hit basis, the fists are, however, more powerful than the pistol, albeit with a slower attack rate and limited to melee range.

In the single player story, they become useful when using the Berserker powerup which vastly increases fist damage to the point where even powerful enemies can be killed instantly in a single punch. This can also apply to the Artifact in the expansion pack, after the player obtains the Berserk powerup.

In multiplayer, fists can be used to steal weapons from other players.