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Final Sin is the thirteenth and final mission of the main campaign in Doom Eternal.

It is the fourth urban level. Notably, there are almost no exploration pickups except for one codex page, but there are other pickups such as Crucible charges, BFG-9000/Unmaykr cells, and extra lives.


'For he will walk among us, and he will smite the evil from this earth. For he who comes in our time of need is not of mortal breed, he is the Destroyer, the right hand of our Creator and the one who brings fear where there is no hope.' - Corrax tablet 3:13


Arriving back on Earth, the Doom Slayer finds the Icon of Sin running rampant across the city. The Icon's very presence on Earth threatens to send all of reality into the mouth of Hell. The Slayer gives chase, fighting through numerous demons along the way. He eventually catches up to the Titan and an epic battle begins. After the Slayer destroys the Icon of Sin's body armor, the Titan retreats. The Slayer goes through a portal and confronts the Icon again, initiating a second, even more ferocious battle. Although the Icon summons many demons and fights with all of its power, the Slayer eventually destroys enough of its body to weaken it. The Slayer then jumps onto the Icon's head and plunges his Crucible into its exposed brain. Before leaping off, he breaks off the Crucible's hilt, leaving the blade embedded in the Icon. With the Icon destroyed (or at least incapacitated indefinitely), the threat to Earth is ended and the demonic invasion is finally stopped.

As the Doom Slayer walks away, the voice of King Novik is heard proclaiming him to be humanity's savior and protector. Novik states that the Slayer remains unbroken, for his fight is eternal.


  • Destroy the Icon of Sin
    • Destroy all eight armored sections
    • Destroy all eight body parts

Mission challenges[]

There are no challenges available for this mission.

Fast travel points[]

  • Starstruct Industries
  • Viris West
  • Oriiion, Inc.
  • Mall Hotel
  • South Station


Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Iconoclast Iconoclast Kill the Icon of Sin 90 Gold
The Once and Future Slayer The Once and Future Slayer Complete the Campaign on any difficulty 50 Silver



DOOM ETERNAL Walkthrough Part 13 FINAL SIN (Ending Sub ITA)


  • The Icon of Sin is the final boss of Doom Eternal in line with its being a quasi-reboot of Doom II, in the same way DOOM was for the classic series.
  • Despite the iconic status of Doom II's final boss, the final text screen in Doom II indicates that the Icon of Sin is supposed to be a gigantic demon rather than simply a face on a wall. Doom Eternal's Icon may therefore be more along the lines of what it was always intended to be like.

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