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The TNT: Evilution soundtrack in Final Doom was composed by Jonathan El-Bizri, Josh Martel, L.A. Sieben, and Tom Mustaine. Tracks composed by Bobby Prince were reused from Doom II. The table below also contains titles of proprietary songs that could have inspired the tunes.

Track name Composer Level Uses in Doom II Based On
Ruined World ? Title Music - -
Sadistic L.A. Sieben MAP01: System Control
MAP09: Stronghold
- Pro-Pain - "Crush" (1996)
Smells Like Burning Corpse ? MAP02: Human BBQ
MAP15: Dead Zone
- Pro-Pain - "The Mercy Killings" (1996)
Message For The Archvile Bobby Prince MAP03: Power Control MAP20
Slayer - Skeletons of Scociety, similar to the bass on: Fear Factory - "Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix)" (1993)
Death's Bells Jonathan El-Bizri MAP04: Wormhole
MAP13: Nukage Processing
MAP29: River Styx
- Siouxsie And The Banshees - "Face to Face" (1991), also comparable to Vangelis - "Life of Antarctica"
More Tom Mustaine MAP05: Hanger
MAP17: Processing Area
- Judas Priest - "A Touch of Evil" (1990), also comparable to Metallica - "The Thing That Should Not Be" and The Sisters of Mercy - "Body and Soul"
Agony Rhapsody Jonathan El-Bizri MAP06: Open Season - Metallica - "One" (1989)
Soldier Of Chaos ? MAP07: Prison - Elliot Goldenthal - "Visit to the Wreckage" (1992) & Yes - "Heart of the Sunrise"
Into The Beast's Belly ? MAP08: Metal
MAP27: Mount Pain
MAP30: Last Call
- Rainbow - "Wolf to the Moon (1995)", also similar to Keel - "Speed Demon" Accept - "Losers and Winners", Metallica - "Master of Puppets" and Judas Priest - "One Shot at Glory"
Infinite Tom Mustaine MAP10: Redemption
MAP18: Mill
- Body Count - "Master Of Revenge" (1994), also comparable to Metallica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
Let's Kill At Will ? MAP11: Storage Facility - Brad Fiedel - "Police Station/Escape from Police Station" (1984) & Guns N' Roses - "Right Next Door To Hell", also similar to Игры (Igry) - "Солнце встает" (The sun is rising) (The song was also sung by Joanna Stingray as a "City of Lenin") and The Cure - "Grinding Halt"
The Dave D. Taylor Blues Bobby Prince MAP12: Crater MAP08
Argent - "Hold Your Head Up" (1972)
Cold Subtleness ? MAP14: Steel Works - Europe - "Let the Good Times Rock" (1989)
Blood Jungle ? MAP16: Deepest Reaches MAP26: Ballistyx - Iron Maiden - "Remember Tomorrow" (1980)
Countdown to Death Bobby Prince MAP19: Shipping/Respawning MAP03
The Cure - "Cold" (1983)
Horizon Tom Mustaine MAP20: Central Processing - Metallica - "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (instrumental)", similar to Holocaust - "Heavy Metal Mania" (1981), Blue Öyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and The Sisters of Mercy - "On the Wire"
Into Sandy's City Bobby Prince MAP21: Administration Center
MAP32: Caribbean
MAP09 Stone Temple Pilots - "Sex Type Thing" (1992)
AimShootKill Tom Mustaine MAP22: Habitat
MAP28: Heck
- Queensrÿche - "One and Only" (1990), also comparable to Kane Roberts - "Women On The Edge Of Love" (1987) and Metallica - "Creeping Death" (from 3:39 to 4:20)
Bye Bye American Pie Bobby Prince MAP23: Lunar Mining Project MAP23 Alice in Chains - "Them Bones" (1992)
Between Levels Bobby Prince MAP24: Quarry MAP04 Wolfenstein 3D - "Zero Hour", similar to George Duke - "Floop De Loop"
DOOM Bobby Prince MAP25: Baron's Den MAP05
Bauhaus - "Mask" (1981)
Legion Of The Lost ? MAP31: Pharaoh
Intermission Music
- Grave Digger - "Legion of the Lost" (1984), similar to Alexander Zatsepin - "The Red Tent"
- ? Endgame Music - Mercyful Fate - "A Dangerous Meeting" (1984)