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Most of the specific dates only appear in the film versions, but a few additional dates including characters ages can be interpreted from the novel version from films dates.

The films take place in a seperate universe/universes to the games.

Film (2005) timeline

  • 1986 - Todd Carmack was born.
  • 2026 - Archaeologists working in the Nevada desert at Papoose Lake discover the Ark portal to a ancient city on Mars.[1] Grimm's parents were among the first scientists to travel to Olduvai on Mars.
  • 2027 - The Kid is born.
  • 2036 - Last time John Reaper saw his sister, before she travelled to study on Mars.
  • 2046 - Research has gleaned no results. Film/Novel begins.

Annihilation timeline

  • 2000 BC - Sumerian Language in ancient Mesopotamia goes extinct.
  • The Gates predate the pyramids.
  • UAC has been searching last three decades for a suitable planet to colonize.
  • Joan Dark and Bennett Stone dated ten years ago (for four months). They both trained at the Marine Academy 10 years ago.


  1. Appears to roughly correspond with the 2025 date for the Joint Mars Expeditions from Doom 3.
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