List of file types used by Doom Engine

  • .lmpDoom engine unit of data. The particular format is defined by the lump type.
  • .wadDoom engine level resource file (contains textures, sprites, music, and level layout)

List of file types used/created by Doom Engine editing programs

In addition, most editors can import/export files of the appropriate lump types, such as .wav for sounds, .mid (or .mp3 in some cases, although this lump type is incompatible with many source ports and results in a much larger lump than .mid/.mus) for music, .txt for text lumps such as MAPINFO, and so on.

Doom utility file types

  • .bat — Executable batch file that contains multiple DOS commands, and can be used to present a menu and run specific programs or utilities
  • .exe — An executable program, such as SETUP.EXE or DOOM.EXE itself
  • .com — Similar to .exe (not to be confused with .com websites relating to Doom)

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