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A Fat Zombie is a Zombie that is obese, but behaves like most other Zombies.


Fat Zombies come in three forms:

  1. Unarmed
  2. Faceless, open abdomen, unarmed
  3. Faceless, open abdomen, with wrench

Combat Analysis

A Fat Zombie, like a regular Zombie, moves towards the player until he is close enough to attack. However, he has more health and inflicts more damage than regular Zombies. A Fat Zombie that is unarmed has two possible modes: walking and running. In walking mode, he is slower than a regular Zombie. In running mode, he has his arms lifted in the air and is faster than a regular Zombie. Because speed is the only technical difference between the two modes, he is more dangerous in running mode. A Fat Zombie with a wrench is not capable of running, but he has farther reach than the other two variations. In the Resurrection of Evil, these Zombies are fairly common with the fast open green shirt Zombies in the game.