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Exultia is the second level of the campaign in Doom Eternal. The first half takes place on Argent D'Nur, while the second half takes place in Hell.


With the other two Hell Priests having gone into hiding following the demise of Deag Nilox, VEGA informs the Doom Slayer that he will need to rebuild the Celestial Locator in order to locate them. To this end, the Slayer travels to the ruins of the Sentinel city Exultia. After fighting his way past the hordes of demons there, he enters the chamber of the Sentinel King Novik, where he retrieves the Celestial Casing. Novik's spirit appears on the throne and warns the Doom Slayer that he cannot kill the Hell Priests as, despite their treachery against the Sentinels, they are still of Sentinel blood. Novik also warns the Slayer that his actions risk incurring the Heaven's wrath. Though the Slayer is respectful of Novik (he kneels before the king's spirit), he still takes the Celestial Casing and leaves for Hell.

Arriving in Hell, the Slayer fights his way through more demons and locates the Betrayer, who is living in self-imposed exile. Although the Betrayer gives the Slayer the same warning that King Novik gave him, he nonetheless gives the Slayer the Celestial Power Core needed to complete the Locator. Before the Slayer leaves, the Betrayer gives him a dagger and asks him to put his son's heart to rest.


  • Rebuild the Celestial Locator
    • Locate King Novik's Chamber
    • Retrieve the Celestial Casing
    • Activate the Trans-Dimensional Portal
    • Obtain the Celestial Power Core
    • Locate the Betrayer
    • Get to the exit portal

New Enemies

Fast Travel Points


  • Mourning Spire
  • Central Rotunda


  • Belphegor's Gate
  • Dour Slough
  • Precipice of Recompense
  • Ichor Expanse
  • Isle of Torment



DOOM ETERNAL Walkthrough Part 2 EXULTIA (Sub ITA)



  • The Tower of Nekravol ("Tower of Babel") is shown on the background when passing the gates of Hell.

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