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EXIS LABS - "Exis Labs is a partially completed research sector developing the fourth generation teleporters. The prototype teleporter is modeled on the Martial teleporter found in the Erebus Dig Site. The facility, once complete, will showcase the crowning achievement of UAC teleporter research."

Exis Labs - Sector 1: Union Aerospace Research Division is the fifth level of The Lost Mission. In this level, the marine has to meet up with Dr. Richard Meyers, and he instructs the marine to retrieve a plasma inducer in order to power up the teleporter. In this level, the player obtains a Plasma Gun.


  • Maintenance Elevator 06
  • Maintenance Access 06
  • Exis Lobby Security
  • Exis Main Lobby
  • Exis Entry Hallway
  • Exis Access Lobby
  • Exis Junction 1
  • Exis Junction 2
  • Teleporter Sec. Check-in
  • Teleporter Ready Room
  • Teleporter Security
  • Exis Induction Terminal
  • Exis Service Hallway
  • Exis Service Area 1
  • Exis Service Hallway 2
  • Exis Service Area 2
  • Exis Service Tunnel
  • Mars Surface
  • Engineering Airlock Hatch 07


Start the level by leaving the elevator and heading to an office with two cabinets, with the code 579. Use the computer to open a door and go through it. You are now in a lobby with some scaffolding and blocked paths, both of which have resources. Go to the entrance hallway with a PDA and head to the next room, where a Pinky will charge you, and an Arch-vile will spawn Maggots.

You then enter a junction, with a Shield Z-sec and some more behind him. Go to a security station with more Z-secs, and an Imp as you enter. Once you exit to fight the Imp, a Maggot spawns behind you. The cabinet in the room has the code 428. Go to the teleporter room, where you meet Dr. Richard Meyers. He talks to you and then unlocks some doors for you to get around. Exit the room, and get ambushed by a Z-sec and Chaingun Commando. Go into an unlocked door and enter a dark space with some Imps and Maggots. Kill them, and move on.

After this, you are in a service hallway with a Tentacle Commando and a storage room with a duo of front-and-behind Imps. Leave this room and pick up a Plasma Gun before meeting the Bruiser. Kill it, and an Arch-vile will come and spawn Maggots before you inevitably shoot him up. Pick up a PDA before going into a zero oxygen section with some space-suit zombies and a Maggot on the exit lift.

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  • Nasir H. Adil
  • Dimitry G. Lebedev


  • Cabinets #104 - 579
  • Cabinet #965 - 428
  • Cabinet #071 - 532