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Etheral Crossbow in E1M1

Ethereal Crossbow held and on floor in Heretic E1M2.

The Ethereal Crossbow is a weapon from Heretic. It is a stringless wooden crossbow that fires glowing green bolts (Ethereal Arrows) for ammunition. When fired, it launches a spread of three bolts, the central one dealing 10-80 damage and the other two dealing 2-16, for a total of 14-112 damage. The bolt in the center can damage ghost monsters, but the ones on the sides cannot. All three bolts auto-aim seperately, making the weapon more accurate when pointed at an enemy at midrange than when firing at a wall or at long range. Under the influence of a Tome of Power, its rate of fire is slightly faster, and it fires a spread of five bolts, the center three of which are capable of damaging ghosts. The center three deal 6-48 damage each, and the ones at the sides do 2-16 damage, for a total of 22-176 damage. Maximum capacity is 50 shots, or 100 with the Bag of Holding.


The Crossbow is likely the most versatile weapon in Heretic, and is like Doom's shotgun in power and speed. It delivers medium to high damage against all enemies at medium-close combat. The Crossbow is also effective at longer ranges, but not as much as other weapons such as the Dragon Claw and the Hellstaff. The advantage of the crossbow over other weapons is that it allows the player to hit multiple enemies with a single shot due to the three projectiles generated, allowing for quick elimination of clusters of weaker enemies such as Gargoyles, Golems, and Sabreclaws.


Crossbow data
Weapon number 3
Damage 10-80 (normal center bolt)
6-48 (powered center bolt)
2-16 (side bolt)
Included ammo 10 (15 on skills 1 & 5)
Max ammo 50 (100 with Bag of Holding)
Ammo type Ethereal Arrows
Shot type Projectile
Velocity (normal center bolt) 30 map units per tic
(1050 map units per second)
Velocity (powered center bolt) 32 map units per tic
(1120 map units per second)
Velocity (side bolt) 20 map units per tic
(700 map units per second)
Shots per minute 80.77 (regular)
100.0 (powered)
Sound BOWSHT (firing)
HRNHIT (impact)
Appears in Heretic
Thing type 2001 (decimal), 7D1 (hex)
Radius 20
Sprite WBOW (before pickup)
CRBW (wielded)
FX03 (projectiles)
Class Weapon