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Captain Esteban Hidalgo is a character in the Doom novels. He makes his first and only appearance in "Infernal Sky".

Hidalgo was commissioned to be the new commanding officer to Flynn, Arlene, and Albert as they made their way to space to meet with Sears and Roebuck. A no-nonsense "martinet butt-head" CO with a small, thin mustache that for whatever reason irritated Flynn, Hidalgo expected nothing less but proper protocol from his Marines and wouldn't settle for anything that would distract from the mission at hand. This no-BS mentality was met with derision on Arlene's part, who made a promise to Flynn that she would kick him out the airlock if he didn't conform to her/their expectations.

Hidalgo was a veteran of the Doom Wars, having been part of a fighting unit self-dubbed the "Orkin Squad", fighting against "spider-babies". He was married, very unhappily, to a woman whom he consistently fought with, and his wife ended up killed during one of the first bouts of the invasion, something that he actually felt elation over.

When the Marines went through the Gate on Phobos leading to where they would meet their alien allies, something went awry with Hidalgo coming back to form and he ended up in a sort of coma. During this time, he had a strange, almost hallucinogenic conversation with his dead wife in which he learned that she had had an abortion and never told him about it. Haunted by this, Hidalgo began to verbally destroy her as his consciousness began to re-manifest thanks to a soulsphere from the medbot.

Hidalgo journeyed with Flynn and Arlene to the Fredship, but upon their arrival, he was accidentally telefragged by Flynn upon his own arrival on the ship. He begged Flynn to end his suffering, to which he obliges.