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Eric "Eriance" Ou, now known as "Amuscaria", is an freelance artist whose primary focus within the doom community is contributing custom sprites and other graphics. Most of the custom resources are from his own projects, primarily Demon Eclipse.


Eriance entered the doom community in 1998, where he joined up with the Hellstorm team as one of the sprite artists. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned soon after and many of his sprites remained unused. After the Hellstorm team broke up, Eriance vanished from the Doom community until 2005 where he announced his own personal project Demon Eclipse, which recycled many of the sprites he made for Hellstorm. Eriance has since made some contributions to Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Skulltag, Blasphemer and several other projects within the ZDoom community.

Demon Eclipse prompted Eriance to join the ZDoom community, and later GZDoom. He has been an active member of the Doom community, primarily contributing custom weapons and monsters sprites to the community resource pool. Many of his monsters used in DE and elsewhere are featured in Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer's Beastiary.

Demon Eclipse has been in the works for over 10 years, during which no less than five versions been worked on where all of the weapons and maps were nearly completely redone each time. The project has also been dropped and revived no less than twice, where the original overly ambitious project has been cut back drastically. The original tech-base episode of Demon Eclipse was cut out, and later re-released as a separate stand-alone project, thanks to the hard work of Blue Shadow. The current iteration is known as "Demon Eclipse: Hellforged Edition" (or simply has Hell-Forged) where the focus has moved to hell-tech, focused around a gothic themed mapset.

Eriance's next project was to be "NYX", a dark and gritty anime-styled successor to the Demon Eclipse. That status of that project is long-term hiatus due to "real-life". Several other projects has been announced and worked on in the past, but none has come to fruition. Eriance isn't known to finish projects he starts on due to his OCD-perfectionist personality.

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