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EREBUS - LEVEL 5 - "Within the Erebus Complex, various ancient fragments found within Site 1 are carefully studied by Dr. Cloud and his team of researchers. Here, within Artifact Research, they strive to decipher the ancient remains."

Erebus - Level 5: Erebus Research is the fifth level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player receives the chaingun, and uses an environmental suit to navigate a toxic sewer while being assaulted by enemies.

The player puts on the enviro-suit during a cutscene. This enviro-suit, besides providing protection from the toxic waste, also gives the player one free session of time dilation. The enviro-suit's protection may be renewed by killing Bio-Suit Zombies and taking their tanks; the time dilation, of course, by using the Artifact.


  • Transfer Bay
  • Erebus Cargo Storage
  • Erebus Storage Hallway
  • Elevator Bay
  • Research Access
  • Research Support
  • Research Sector 2
  • Upper Cargo Storage
  • Cargo Storage Stairwell
  • Erebus Cargo Storage
  • Armory
  • Waste Tunnels Access
  • Waste Tunnels
  • Airlock
  • Surface Access
  • Airlock Chamber


Exit the elevator and immediately get attacked by Vulgars, Imps and zombies. You’ll want to use the artifact as you can get cornered by these enemies. Find a locked door and be sent into this level’s wild goose chase. Go into the unlocked door and kill some zombies and Imps before meeting Dr. Cloud and giving him the Primitive.

Go into a dark area and kill a flashlight zombie. Then go to another dark room and kill some Vulgars and Imps. Go to an area above the first room and kill some more Vulgars. Kill an Imp and trio of Vulgars, before killing an Imp in a stairwell. Collect a PDA at the bottom, before going into a large room named oddly similar one previous, where you do the usual and kill some Vulgars. Go back into some previous room and fight some Imps before going into the Armory room and get your Chaingun and a PDA.

You now enter the Waste Tunnels (not to be confused with The Waste Tunnels), where you'll fight Bio-Suit Zombies which drop air canisters upon death, Cherubs, Maggots and Mancubi; with the last one actually being the least threatening, as you can use the Artifact against it on account of there are being quite a few corpses to get charges off of.

Exit the Tunnels, and grab some health and armor and cycle the airlock to go to Level 6.


  • Sean Gibson
  • Leo Avery




Cabinet Codes[]



  • In Doom 3 BFG Edition, the helmet is removed at the sewer entrance, and the player can now enter the sewer without suffocating. In addition, Bio-Suit Zombies no longer drop tanks when killed.
  • After this level, Imps don't appear again until Hell.


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