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EREBUS - LEVEL 2 - "This excavation site is the main focal point of the archeological dig at Site 1. Here, deep inside the surface of Mars, numerous alien caves and artifacts have been discovered."

Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site is the second level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player receives grenades. The Vulgar is introduced in a cutscene, and the player encounters the first boss, Helltime Hunter, and receives the "Helltime" power.

The overall appearance of this level is similar to the Caverns levels near the end of Doom 3.


  • Maintenance Elevator
  • Maintenance Supply
  • Access Tunnel
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Ancient Portal
  • Portal Junction
  • Ancient Machine
  • Tablet Site Beta
  • Excavation Access
  • Central Excavation
  • Excavation Control
  • Elevator Bay
  • Ventilation System
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Lower Storage
  • Mechanical Support
  • Upper Storage
  • Transfer Control


You start off in your elevator ride up, and see a group of Vulgars teleporting in and going somewhere. You enter a room that is almost identical to the starting room of Caverns Area 1, with a few changes. You can go up a one of the crates and see a scared R. George hiding in a locker and talking about the invasion. You can also get a PDA, which will cause a number of Imps to come after you.

Go under a door and meet the Vulgar. They are quite annoying, and replace Imps for half of the whole game. Kill it, and go into a room with another one and a singular Trite, and head over to a room where you face the Helltime Hunter. You’re in a room with a large portal that the Hunter comes from, there are two guns on the sides of it that kill some Forgotten Ones. Use the Grabber Gun to pick up their projectiles and use them to kill the Hunter and get the Helltime power for the Artifact.

You then go into a large room with crushing walls that you must use the artifact for. This also applies to a puzzle where you must take a Power Cell out a a thing and go between some closing doors. Go into an open area with a guy screaming and getting thrown through a window to his death. Go into a corridor with an Imp and a Vulgar, before going into a room that feels vaguely familiar to a room in Site 3: Analysis Facility, and killing some Z-secs and two Imps. Go into a room with a cabinet and two elevator shafts: one leading to a secret room with a PDA and another cabinet. Kill an Imp and some Vulgars.

Go into an open room with Z-secs before going into another room with lots of Z-secs and two Imps. Go into an open room with a PDA and a ladder, that when let down spawns Vulgars and Forgotten Ones. Climb the ladder, and go to a corridor with a Z-sec, connecting to a storage room with Vulgars. Enter a room and power it up with the Power Cell you got earlier and use a monitor to start the lift. This will cause Z-secs to swarm everywhere and new demons to pop up. Kill them while going through previous rooms to get to the elevator, and when in the large room with the elevator, many Forgotten Ones will spawn. Enter the elevator and exit the level.


  • Marcus Tanner
  • Sean Weston
  • Gregory Martin

Video Disks[]




Cabinet Codes[]

  • Storage Cabinet #028: Equipment - 516
  • Storage Cabinet #029: Ammunition - 516


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