The Equipment Launcher is a weapon set to appear in Doom Eternal.

It can be switched between several different arsenals, including Flame Belch, Frag Grenade, and an Ice Bomb.

The Flame Belch causes enemies to panick in some sort of stun-lock and when shot with other weapons under it's effect they will drop armor bonuses. The Ice Bomb causes enemies to freeze in place for a short period of time which can be utilized to hinder a small pack of troublesome enemies out of combat before they do any serious damage as well as allow for an opportunity to shatter enemies. The Frag Grenade simply blows demons of the lower castes to smithreens.

Codex description

Custom-built to fit the Doom Slayer's Praetor Suit, this shoulder-mounted ordnance system is modified to serve a variety of combat roles. Designed as a universal munitions platform, the Equipment Launcher is capable of alternated its armament configuration with the press of a switch, activated by a reflex senor located on the interior of the Praetor Suit's gauntlet. In its Flame Belch configuration, the Launcher spits a gout of fire exceeding 1000°C, setting even the sturdiest of demons aflame. While in its Grenade Launcher configuration, the Launcher fires a traditional UAC-model frag explosive, a projectile-based payload not dissimilar to that of the Ice Bomb, wherein the Launcher fires a EYE-C40 gas canister to flash-freeze nearby targets.
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