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Entrance is the first level of Doom RPG.


Entrance serves as an introduction for new players. The player starts with only a pistol, but during the course of this level obtains the Fire extinguisher and Fire axe. Scientists around the map explain the basics of playing Doom RPG, including the controls.

The main objective of the level is to obtain the yellow key, allowing the player to proceed to Junction. Once exiting this level, it is impossible to return back to it again (except with cheat usage).

Doom RPG Entrance

Map of Entrance


  1. Head west then north. Various scientists explain the basics of the Doom RPG controls. Pick up the fire extinguisher. Talk to the guard outside the locked door enough times and he will unlock the door.
  2. You will enter a room with four pillars and many fires. Extinguish the fires to gain access to several powerups in the corners of the room.
  3. Enter the door to the east and pick up the Fire axe. Go back to the room with the four pillars and use the axe to break down the door.
  4. Head north until you reach the yellow door. Go east to find a room with several monsters behind bars. Shoot the monsters and go through the door to the south.
  5. Use the computer on the east wall. The code to the door is 1234. Go north through the now-unlocked door.
  6. Go north again, then go through the door in the south-east corner of the room. Go east and then south three times.
  7. Get the yellow key and return to the yellow door.
  8. The exit to the junction is behind the yellow door.


  • 6 Total: 16,20 - 7,13 - 3,7 - 29,7 - 24,16 - 26,16

One of the secret rooms includes a flak jacket and a computer. If the computer is activated, the player gets an email to B.J Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D hero) saying that a shotgun is hidden in a cache behind the fire axe.

There is a locked door and a computer on the left side of the level. When the computer is activated for the first time it reboots. Upon the second activation it logs in and on the third time it asks you the date of the first release of Doom (version 1.0). The correct date is 1993. Upon entering it, the doors open to a room with a bunch of items (10 credits, 10 shells and a flak jacket).


  • 6 secrets
  • 30 monsters

Map data[]


  • Yellow keycard
  • Yellow door