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Doom 3 maps

Enpro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage is the ninth level of Doom 3. It begins with Bravo Team being ambushed and wiped out, save for a single survivor. The Lost Soul is introduced in a cutscene, and Wraiths first appear here as well. Some rooms are less claustrophobic but more acrophobic, and there is an abundance of plasma cells. Swann and Campbell give up their attempt to intercept the Marines sent to transmit a distress call, and therefore travel by vehicle to the communications complex. A Marine hiding from Swann gives the player the transmission card at the end of the level.


At the start of the level, a cinematic shows the Bravo Team decimation. Then Sergeant Kelly tells the Marine to replace the coolant rod of the Energy Production facility. There is a Health Station you can drain as the next room has a broken stair which forbids to go back. Then there is the second Sentry Bot trip, through dark tunnels. After an endless count of Imps and Maggots, an announcer says the temperature goes critical ; this announce you can continue. Next is the trench, where you have to climb a ladder to reach Theresa's office, who you hear crying. Then there is the infamous Lost Soul introductive scene. Continue to reach the big reactor-like room. The first door is closed now, the second leads to a storage room, then to a spacious room with a green vertical energy beam. Behind is the main lift. Once down, you have to cross the same rooms than just before, just at floor level. A new ennemy appears on the basement room ; the teleporting Wraith. The following room is the reactor-like one, with the contol console, which you have to activate to replace the coolant rod. A cinematic then plays, showing Swann and Campbell making their decision to rally the Communication tower, in order to stop the transmissions from there. You then have to return to the previously closed door, which leads to a nexus-like room, then an obscure tunnel, then probably the Plasma Canisters Facility, then an horrible stroboscopic room, then a first garage, then the final garage. Here, you encounter the last survivor of Bravo Team, who gives you the Transmission Card, before being killed. In this room, there is also the exit and the PDA containing the code to the Plasma storage room, located in the first garage, which contains, among other goodies, 275 Plasma rounds.




Monster Count
Imp 39/39/43
Imp (crawler) 2
Maggot 13/13/14
Wraith 5/5/8
Lost Soul 27/27/31
Fat Zombie 4
Weapon Count
Plasma gun 4
Ammunition Count
Pistol ammo (large) 1
Shotgun shells (small) 6
Shotgun shells (large) 1
Machine Gun ammo (small) 5
Machine Gun ammo (large) 13
Chaingun belt 4
Plasma cells (small) 14
Plasma cells (large) 2
Misc. items Count
Small medkit 11
Large medkit 8
Armor shard 38
Security armor 5
  • For cells of the form x/y/z, x corresponds to Recruit difficulty, y to Marine, and z to Veteran/Nightmare.
  • Items that can only be acquired by using console commands are excluded.

Cabinet/Door Codes

  • Storage Cabinet #063: Plasma Gun - 972
  • Plasma Storage - 734