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Enpro - Sector 1: Energy Processing and Storage is the first level of The Lost Mission. The start of the level takes place at the same time as the level Enpro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage in the original Doom 3, when Bravo Team gets ambushed by a squad of Wraiths. The player obtains the Pistol, Machine Gun, and Shotgun in this level, and it introduces a main character in the expansion: Dr. Richard Meyers.

In-Game Information


Weapons / Items

  • Pistol
  • Machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Bullets (small)
  • Bullets (large)
  • Shells (small)
  • Shells (large)
  • Clips (small)
  • Clips (large)
  • Medkits (small)
  • Medkits (large)
  • Security Armor
  • Armor Shards
  • SSD Drive