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The Elite Guards were a company of security personnel employed by the Union Aerospace Corps and based on Mars. They were charged with protecting the Lazarus Project research and maintaining order throughout the Argent Facility. Placed in the highest tier of the UAC hierarchy, the Elite Guards answered only to the highest level executives of the UAC and they have the jurisdiction to order lower ranking UAC employees.[1]

The Elite Guards wear distinctive red body suits and were known to be level headed, disciplined, and fair but firm. Their suits contain cybernetic augmentations, which allowed them to be faster, stronger, or more resilient to injury. Because of their capabilities, the UAC had deemed it necessary to implant a kill chip in each of their uniform to prevent an uprising among their ranks. This chip responds to a Lazarus Wave signature that can only be broadcast by Dr. Samuel Hayden or Olivia Pierce.[1]

The Elite Guards were all killed when Olivia Pierce opened a Hell portal in the Argent Facility, causing a Lazarus Wave that activated their kill chips. Their bodies are scattered throughout the Argent Facility and the Doom Slayer can recover their kill chips, which are then converted into Praetor Tokens.[1]