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EWZ (an abbreviation of Enhanced Warrior Zone) is a PC based multi-gaming clan. EWZ was established in early February 2008. At present EWZ is the biggest and most active clan in the Doom 3 community, and continues to grow daily. Originally the clan was purely Doom 3 based. However, due to the popularity of EWZ and its success within the Doom 3 community, the clan has expanded into other first-person shooter games including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (ETQW), Quake 4 (Q4) and Call of Duty 4 (COD4). EWZ is an international clan with the majority of members based in Europe and the United States. The primary language is English, but many members also speak German and French. Members of the EWZ clan wear the tag "{EWZ}" at end of their name for identification purposes. Members of EWZ are also given specialist ranks similar to military ranks for the purpose of assigning roles and jobs within the clan. Members of EWZ have a diverse range of skills varying from map building to server hosting to graphics work. The individual in-game skills of players also varies from pro-gamers to beginners. The ethos of the clan is simply: let's play together and have fun!

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