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Mark V Pistol is a multiplayer-exclusive weapon, introduced in the Unto the Evil DLC. Like its campaign equivalent, it has a weapon modification that allows the pistol to charge up a shot for increased damage. The player spawns with 30 ammo (50 is the max ammo).

This gun can be considered an upgrade to the original EMG because of its increased damage and really fast bullet speed, but it could also be considered a downgrade because it no longer has infinite ammunition which is what makes the EMG special.



Normal shot: 12

Critical shot: 25

Charge Shot[]

Normal shot: 39

Critical shot: 58

Tactical Analysis[]

A good strategy for the EMG Mark V is to pair it with another weapon that has a high initial-damage output, such as the Rocket Launcher, Static rifle, or the Vortex rifle. The best way to use the EMG is to hurt the enemy with your high damage weapon first, and then switch to your EMG for the clean-up kill. You don’t want to engage long-range enemies with the EMG.


  • On the side of the weapon, it reads 'BFP,' likely meaning 'Big Fucking Pistol', similar to the BFG.