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This level occupies the map slot E5M8. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E5M8.

E5M8: Field of Judgement is the eighth and final level in The Stagnant Demesne episode of Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders. As in Hell's Maw, the player is faced with a group of Maulotaurs as a boss.

This is the only boss level of Heretic with only the bosses as enemies and the only such level without any iron liches.


E5M8 heretic

Map of E5M8

The player starts in a spider-shaped enclosure containing all the weapons minus the Firemace, and lots of artifacts and ammo. Don't get the Silver Shield yet, since there is an Enchanted Shield shortly after. Once you've collected the weapons and as much ammo as you can carry, activate the Wings of Wrath (located on the center trident prong) and fly over the trident to lower the outer arena to begin the episodes boss battle against a group of Maulotaur.

To defeat this herd, use your Rings of Invincibility and Tomes of Power early, while the herd is at its maximum strength. Later on, the Maulotaurs should be in a slow-moving tightly-packed group, enabling you to circle-strafe them with a steady fire from your Hellstaff and Phoenix Rod. Plenty of ammo refills for both these weapons are available there.

Once the final Maulotaur is destroyed, the eight posts at the corners of the 'legs' will lower. Choose any one to finish the level (and, finally, the game).


There are no official secrets in this level.