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E5M2: Rapids is the second level in The Stagnant Demesne episode of Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders.


E5M2 heretic

Map of E5M2

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  1. After you get the yellow key, go back to the yellow door room; on the way, you'll see an area to the east with a torch. Be sure to go into the lava pool to the east of that; there you will find some goodies and three teleporters.
  2. Behind the yellow door is a room with a bag hidden behind some barrels. Walk through the north wall for a tome, and a switch that will lower a lift on the north side of the room to the east. The lift takes you to a ledge with an egg.
  3. In the room with the green door and the exploding pods, go north through the passage to the left of the green door. At the first junction, go east to the end of the tunnel. Get the shadowsphere and jump off the ledge. Then go back to the first junction; you'll see a darkened area to the southeast. It's a lift which takes you down to a small area with an enchanted shield.
  4. Behind the green door, at the top of the steps, there is an area with a switch. On the south end of the room is a secret door, marked by a hanging skull, which leads to ammo and a ring.
  5. Eventually, you will come to a ledge overlooking the yellow door area from the west. Go back northwest briefly; there is a secret door to the north, before the bend in the tunnel, marked by two hanging skulls. The door reveals a phoenix rod; you will also see an opening to the southwest, containing an ironlich and a pair of wings of wrath. Be sure to jump off the ledge when you're done; this raises a staircase near your starting point.


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