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E4M4: Sepulcher is the fourth level in The Ossuary episode of Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders. It contains an entrance to the secret level E4M9: Mausoleum.

E4M4 heretic

Map of E4M4


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  1. There is a room in the southwest which has a raised platform with a claw and six pillars with banners on them. Walk around to the left side of the platform and go behind it; there's a switch back there which lowers a lift. Take the lift down for a phoenix rod, some ammo, and an Iron Lich. Walking into the Iron Lich room will open up the areas to the southwest and southeast in the starting area.
  2. In the room with all the coffins, there are four switches on the north end. The fourth one reveals doors at the south ends of the rooms to the west and east of the coffins. To the east is a shield, plus a torch.
  3. In the same room to the west is an enchanted shield. Getting the shield will open up a small area northeast of the starting area.
  4. After getting secrets #1 and #3, there should be areas opened up in the northeast and southeast corners of the starting area. Walking into those areas will reveal a switch northwest of your starting point. Hitting this switch will reveal a staircase leading down from the exit room into an area with all kinds of goodies.
  5. After getting the above secret, you will see two sludge pools with pods in them to the west and east. Go to the east one, and go north past the stairs (if they're there) to the corner, then go west briefly. Where the hallway bends northwest you will find a walk-thru wall to the south, which leads to a ring.
  6. After getting the above secret, go to the corresponding place north of the west sludge pool. There you will find wings and a passage leading to a secret exit, which takes you to E4M9.


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