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Drop pods (perhaps precursor to the dropships) is a standard transportation mentioned in the Doom series.


Doom II[]

The hero of Doom II (Marine (Doom II)) is said to have gone on leave after defending the UAC Mars Base on Mars. He reached earth by drop pod discovering it had been overrun by demons from the Outside.

Doom 3[]

Somewhat mirroring the plot of the Doom II marine, the Doom III marine uses a Phantom Class Dropship (Darkstar) to reach Mars, and presumably leaves on one to leave back for Earth after saving Mars.

Dropships also appear in Doom Resurrection.

Doom RPG[]

Dropships or drop pods figure into the plot of Doom RPG and Doom II RPG, B.J. Blazkowicz III reaches Mars in one, and one is shown in the Doom II RPG comic, and also at the beginning of Doom II RPG.

Doom Eternal[]

  • Escape pod.

Behind the scenes[]

The Hell on Earth novel appears to reference the backstory to Doom II in part as Flynn Taggart and Arlene Sanders  flies back to earth from Deimos (rather than Mars) using a modified mail rocket/shuttle. Amusing there is a reference to 'repelling back to the surface of earth' which is likely a nod to the repelling to the surface of Hell in Doom 1 (as one of Flynn's sarcastic ideas). The shuttle drop is similar to the use of the drop ship in Doom II manual.