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Dragon Claw in Heretic E1M4

The Dragon Claw is a weapon in Heretic. It appears to be a glove made of a dragon's skin and claws, and takes Claw Orbs as ammo.

The Dragon Claw rapid-fires hitscan energy bolts. Each bolt deals 4-32 damage. Single shots have perfect accuracy while continued firing is less accurate. It is very similar to Doom's chaingun in its power and speed, although unlike the chaingun, which shares ammo with the pistol, it uses its own ammunition rather than the Elven wand's.

When enhanced by a Tome of Power, its firing rate is slower and each shot costs 5 orbs instead of just one, but when a shot hits something, it splits into a ring of eight projectile spiked balls that tear through enemies. The balls deal 0-1 damage every tic they are inside an Iron Lich, and 1-8 damage every tic they are inside any other enemy; this makes the weapon very effective against large groups of non-Lich enemies.

This weapon is always effective on ghosts. It is also the most advanced weapon found in Heretic's first episode. Maximum capacity is 200 shots, or 400 with the Bag of Holding.


Dragon claw data
Weapon number 4
Damage 4-32 (hitscan)
2-16 (powered projectile)
1-8 (ripper)
Included ammo 30 (45 on skills 1 & 5)
Max ammo 200 (400 with Bag of Holding)
Ammo type Claw Orb
Shot type Hitscan (regular)
Projectile and Ripper (powered)
Velocity (powered projectile) 184 map units per tic
(6440 map units per second)
Velocity (ripper) 14 map units per tic
(490 map units per second)
Shots per minute 350.0 (regular)
190.9 (powered)
Sound BLSSHT (firing)
BLSHIT (hitscan impact)
HRNHIT (powered impact)
Appears in Heretic
Thing type 53 (decimal), 35 (hex)
Radius 20
Sprites WBLS (before pickup)
BLSR (wielded)
FX17 (hitscan)
ACLO (powered projectile)
FX18 (ripper)
Class Weapon