Dr. Sean's hobby as an Odamex developer originated during his employment at a medical staffing agency. As a whole, the agency would participate in online deathmatches with the infamous [UD] clan. Dr. Sean first began building maps for the doom environment and in particular, is known for his symmetrical and aesthetic style of building. Ralph [UD] and other mainstream developers began to notice the design and detail of the maps produced and sought further participation from Dr. Sean. One of Dr. Sean's beginning achievements was adding/editing code in the client/server architecture. The project was time consuming and grueling, but Dr. Sean was responsible for allowing better flow play during high-ping matches.

The intelligence and creativity displayed in the improvement of Doom gameplay drew much attention for the older odamex community. Dr. Sean was then informally initiated into the development team and is now one of the leading software engineers for the odamex project. [UD] even offered the respected and feared title of the "[UD]" gamertag but Dr. Sean graciously declined as is his humble manner.

- Dr. Lector (Red team)