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"I've been studying one of the specimens we brought back to see if there's something physiological that would be a weakness - a way to stop them. I've found nothing so far."
― Dr. Michaels to the Marine  [src]

Dr. Michaels is a minor character in Doom 3. A scientist assigned to the Delta Labs who traveled to Hell through the main portal, he was one of the few UAC personnel to survive the initial wave of the demonic invasion. Realizing the plight that the entire base was in, he remained inside his laboratory, poorly barricaded, in order to experiment on one of the demons he brought back from one of his expeditions.


The player meets Dr. Michaels in a laboratory in Delta Labs Sector 2B. Initially startled by the player's presence, he becomes relieved when he mistakes them as being part of the rescue team. Standing next to an Imp corpse, he explains to the player he was experimenting on the demons to discover any physiological weakness they may pose that he can utilize on to subdue the invasion, albeit unsuccessfully due to lack of time. He chooses to remain in his lab to continue on his experiments, but provides the player the code for a pair of storage cabinets in the adjacent room, containing weapons and armor.

While his fate is unknown, he was most likely killed off-screen, since Dr. Michaels's lab was poorly barricaded and the intro to Resurrection of Evil states that the Marine was the only survivor.